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 Planetary Information - Terra (Earth)

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PostSubject: Planetary Information - Terra (Earth)   Planetary Information - Terra (Earth) I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 7:05 am

Astrographical Information
Class of Celestial Body: Class M - Terrestrial
Atmospheric Composition: 0.9 atm (N2, O2)
Gravitational Force: 1.0 G (9.8 m/s2)
Size: Mass (kg) , Equatorial diameter (km)
Rotational Period (hours or days): 23 hours and 56 minutes
Orbital Period (days or years): 365.25 days

Societal Information
Dominant Species: Terrans (Humans)
Population of Dominant Species:
Societal Approximation:
Technological Period:
Under Control of:
Monetary System:
Current Threat To Array:

Planetary Structures
Population and Transportation Structures
- Population Habitats
- Pressure Domes

- Transportation Systems

- Orbital Elevator (Lower Section)

Population Support Structures
- Government Centers

- Education Centers
- Cultural Centers

- Science/Research Centers
- Medical/Medical Research Centers

- Agricultural Centers
- Economic Centers

Energy Structures
- Power Distribution Grid
- Power Generation Facilities
- Power Storage Facilities

Resource Structures
- Resource Mines
- Resource Refineries
- Storage Facilities

Construction and Production Structures
- Factories
- Partially Automated Factories
- Fully Automated Factories

- Shipyards
- Drydocks

Vessel Support Structures
- Seaports
- Airports
- Spaceports
- Refueling Stations

Communications Structures
- Planetary Communications Grid
- Interplanetary Communications Array
- Interstellar Communications Array

Sensor Structures
- Planetary Wide Sensor Grid
- System Wide Sensor Grid

Defensive Structures
- Command Centers
- Underground Bombardment/Survival Shelters
- Planetary Defense Batteries
- Planetary Defense Shield Generator Facilities

Area and Ecosystem Structures
- Terraformers
- Construction Platforms
- Multi-Level Construction Platforms
- Atmosphere Processors

Orbital Structures
Population and Transportation Structures
- Orbital Habitats/Colonies

- Orbital Space Stations

- Orbital Elevator (Upper Section)

Population Support Structures
- Orbital Education Stations (Schools for the population to learn new skills and gain more knowledge at)

- Orbital Science/Research Stations
- Orbital Medical/Medical Research Stations

Energy Structures
- Orbital Power Distribution Grid
- Orbital Power Generation Facilities
- Orbital Power Storage Facilities

Resource Structures
- Orbital Resource Refineries
- Orbital Storage Facilities

Construction and Production Structures
- Orbital Factories
- Partially Automated Orbital Factories
- Fully Automated Orbital Factories

- Orbital Shipyards

Vessel Support Structures
- Orbital Spaceports
- Orbital Refueling Stations

- Orbital Jump Gates

Communications Structures
- Orbital Planetary Communications Satellites
- Interstellar Communications Array
- Intergalactic Communications Array

Sensor Structures
- Orbital Planetary Wide Sensor Satellites
- Orbital System Wide Sensor Satellites
- Orbital Sector Wide Sensor Array

Defensive Structures
- Orbital Command Centers
- Orbital Defense Satellites
- Orbital Defense Platforms
- Orbital Planetary Defense Shield Generator Satellites
- Orbital Defense Rings

Ships on the Surface

Ships in Orbit
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Planetary Information - Terra (Earth)
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