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 Planetary Information - Asteroid Field

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PostSubject: Planetary Information - Asteroid Field   Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:11 pm

Astrographical information
Class of celestial body: Asteroid Field (Class D - Dwarf)
Atmospheric composition: None
Gravitational force:
Size: Mass (kg) , Equatorial diameter (km)
Rotational period (hours or days):
Orbital period (days or years):

Societal information
Societal Approximation:
Technological period:
Under control of: Empire of the Galactic Shogunate
Monetary system:
Current Threat To Array:

Planetary Structures
Pressure Domes with internal Population Habitats

Transportation Systems

Power Distribution Grid (Electro-Plasma Distribution Networks)
Power Generation Facilities (Deuterium Fueled Fusion Reactors)

Resource Mines
Resource Refineries
Storage Facilities

Orbital Structures
Space Station, with attached Space Ports (Reclamation Station)

Orbital Defense Platforms

Ships on the Surface

Ships in Orbit
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Planetary Information - Asteroid Field
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